The ride Leaves Birdsville QLD on 2nd September 2019 and will be of 5 days duration, returning to Birdsville on 6th September. You will need to be in Birdsville the night before for rider briefing.

Registration Fees are $2000 per rider plus GST. (so, A$2200 total)  Ride inclusions are:

  • 5 days fully guided ride across the Simpson, twice. Each rider will be required  to carry their own luggage on their bikes (so pack light!)
  • Mechanical & recovery support
  • Medical Support
  • Fuel
  • Camping fees, permits  & meals

Important: see the FAQ note below about the Expression of Interest process.

Above all else, you’ll need to bring a good ‘can-do’ attitude. This is a charity event operating under some pretty adverse & challenging conditions. You should ask for help if you need it and be prepared to give help when asked.

Aside from that….

  • Your bike and spares (see the FAQ section “You & Your Bike”)
  • Camping Gear: if you have mates doing the ride with you, suggest you share the load between yourselves.
  • On & off-bike clothing.
  • Accommodation before and after the event in Birdsville
  • Transport to and from Birdsville.

This will be a tough ride for tough people. Do not underestimate the challenge of crossing 1100 Outback dunes in unpredictable weather.  So….

You: must be medically fit to ride. We will have limited medical support from some supremely experienced field medics, but we’ll be a long way away from any major hospital. If you’ve an underlying medical condition that may limit your ability to participate in the ride, we suggest you give it a miss. That aside, you need to be in training, now.

Your Bike: All Enduro, register-able off-road and adventure bike types welcome. This includes 2 strokes. 2 stroke riders wishing to attend MUST bring an empty 25 litre fuel Jerry can which will be used to premix your fuel. 2 stroke riders must bring and provide their own 2 stroke premix oil (enough to last 5 days of long distance riding). Bikes and riders will need to have the ability to cover up to and over 250 – 300km’s per day. Exceptions can be made with this rule. Please email the organisers if you have issues with covering these distances without the need for a refuel. Sadly, recreational registered bikes cannot attend this ride. All riders MUST have a fully serviceable, state registered and insured ADR compliant motorcycle. All bikes must be road worthy during the event and all helmets that are worn during the ride must be ADR compliant. Riders must be licensed to ride their specific motorcycle type and must carry their state specific licence on their person at all times during the ride. All bikes must be serviced prior to the ride and carry a small tool bag and spares kit during the ride. Service type, tools and spares to bring come down to the rider and their specific preference.

Riders can bring and carry their own pannier bags and equipment and test their ability to ride the desert fully loaded. The support vehicles will be there to take panniers and bags off riders if needed.

If riders wish to ride slick (unloaded) we can carry up to one 40 litre duffle type bag within the support vehicles. Riders are encouraged to bring and utilise one man (small two man) tents with sleeping bags as swags take up a large amount of room. Riders can bring a small one man swag which will be placed into the support vehicles however this is discouraged as room within the support vehicles Is tight. Riders MUST have the ability to carry

You must keep a minimum of 6 litres of water on your person during the ride. This will be topped up every day during the event. Water will be available from the support vehicles.

Accommodation Before and after the ride in Birsdville is not included. It being just before Birdsville Races race week, you should expect Birdsville  to be busy. Dont delay booking accommodation!

No. It’s not; but we strongly encourage you to reach out to family and friends to seek sponsorships. What you’re considering doing is pretty extraordinary and you should be rewarded for it by family and friends. All funds raised through your GiveEasy Campaign will go directly to Soldier On. check out fundraising options here

This is important. Please read and understand

Submitting an expression of interest doesn’t guarantee you a spot on the ride. We have already had a lot of interest and rider spots are limited to strictly 40 spots.

The process will be as follows:

  1. Expressions of Interest opened on 27th February 2019 and will remain open until midnight on 31st July 2019.
  2. Due to increased sponsorship we no longer need to enforce strict (early) expression of interest and ticket purchase dates.Expressions of interest (EOI’s) will remain open to all riders until 31st July 2019. EOI and ticket purchases will close at midnight on the 31st July 2019.Riders that have sent in their EOI’s will need to pay a $250 deposit which will be non-refundable after the 21st June 2019.
  3. The remaining amount ($1950.00) will be required by the 31st July 2019. If payment is not received within 24 hours of ticket closure your position will be forfeited and the deposit will not be refunded.

Payment is to be remitted to:


Bank : National Australia Bank (NAB),

Account Name: Frontline Safaris

Account BSB: 082-356

Account No. 87-659-6179

Payees to reference “Full Name” when making payments.

For issues with payment, or special circumstances please contact Clay at to discus.

We’ve had heaps of questions about the refunds policy. Fair enough….Good question.

Due to the early booking and order requirements for fuel, medical teams and equipment and catering no refunds can be made within 90 days of the event starting

That being the case, before you accept a ride spot, make sure you’ve got leave from work sorted, your spouse & kids are squared away, you’ve got the funds to pay your registration and your bike is (or will be ) sorted by September 2nd.