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Please be aware. If you wish to plan your solo/private group crossing in/around our event as a type of unpaid security net, please take note of the following. If you require our services and support you will be charged accordingly, including full rate recovery costs. We have seen an increase in self drive/solo groups planning their events around ours in the hope we can help if and when they get into trouble. This comes at extra cost to us as a tour operator and to the detriment of our paying customers. Please do not plan trips around tour groups as a form of free support. You will not get it from us. We will not provide dates and locations for camps so please do not ask.

The Frontline Safari is an ADF veteran run adventure motorcycle tour taking place annually in the heartland of central Australia. The event starts and finishes in Marree, South Australia. Each year our Australian military veterans use their survival expertise, bush skills and superb military mission planning skills to help support 40 + paying adventure motorcycle riders and Four Wheel drives cross the Simpson Desert, the worlds biggest parallel sand dune desert with over 1100 sand dunes.

Established in 2018 by two Australian Army veterans, the Frontline Safari is the most affordable Simpson Desert motorcycle and four wheel drive tour available to date. The Frontline Safari is the largest and most successful Simpson Desert tour available to the Australian public. No other tour operator in Australia has the skills, know-how and capacity to manage 40+ motorcycle riders and 20+ four wheel drives across the Simpson Desert.

As part of our continuing support of veterans charities across Australia, 2024 will see the Frontline Safari fundraising for Saltwater Veterans Sailing Project . A charity near and dear to our heart. Most of our support staff volunteer and fundraise for Saltwater Veterans Australia. 

Since our first event in 2018, we have raised in excess of $150,000 for Soldier On Australia, contributing in excess of $300,000 to veteran businesses supplying and supporting our annual events. Something we are very proud of.

The event is a stress-free adventure ride, crossing the Simpson Desert with support vehicles in tow supporting, feeding and fueling all attendees. The Frontline Safari is not a race. The tour event takes place to help raise vital funds for veteran charities and small business. Each attendee will have the opportunity to chat with combat veterans, listen to stories and learn vital bush skills, aboriginal culture and notable history from the region, all whilst crossing the Simpson Desert, "stress free".

The Frontline Safari is an affordable, easily accessed motorcycle and four wheel drive Simpson Desert tour, it relies heavily on event attendees fundraising prior to and during the event via the official Saltwater Veterans fundraising profiles. Frontline Safari does not collect nor manage fundraised money on behalf of Saltwater Veterans Sailing Project  (A regognised Australian Charity). Frontline Safari has formal approval to fundraise with Saltwater Veterans Sailing Project  Australia. All fundraising is done through official Saltwater Veterans Australia web based fundraising profiles. All profits for the event are donated to Saltwater Veterans Sailing Project . All external support staff, service providers and businesses engaged to supply Frontline Safari are veteran owned and managed small businesses. Nearly all operational funds go back into Australian veteran owned small businesses.

All of Frontline Safari's support drivers, sweep riders are ADF veterans.

The Frontline Safari tour manager/event founders are all graduates of Australia's toughest military survival course. "The ADF combat survival course", along with advanced medical and search and rescue expertise and training conducted within various search and rescue/EMS organisations, the Frontline Safari management team are well trained and equipped to support people operating in austere environments. Event attendees are in safe hands.

All people from all walks of life and riding/driving abilities are welcome to attend and fundraise on the Frontline Safari, this event is not exclusively for military veterans. 

2025 Frontline Safari Supporting Saltwater Veterans

The ride Leaves Marree SA on Monday the 26th of May 2025 and will be 6 days duration, returning to Marree on Saturday the 31st of May 2025 (Late afternoon).

Attendees will need to plan to be in Marree one full day before the start of the event (Arrive no later – Midday 25th May 2025). It takes approximately two (long) days to drive to Marree from Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide. (12 hours driving per day).

The cost to attend the event is $2800.00AUD per rider. Four wheel drives $1800.00AUD per vehicle limited to 4x people per vehicle. Vehicles must be fully registered, roadworthy and serviceable. Dangerous, unroadworthy and dangerously overloaded vehicles will be turned away. Entry fee is required to be paid within 7 calendar days following the day of sign up. Deposit details will be provide to each entrant following Frontline Safari's receipt of your Sign Up form. 

Ride inclusions are:

  1. 6 days fully supported ride across the Simpson desert via Marree, Oodnadatta, William Creek, Mount Dare and Birdsville. Each rider will be provided a small Frontline Safari 30L branded bag, event t-shirt, tent and roll mat. The 30L Frontline Safari bag will be the bag you will pack your personal belongings into (so pack light!) – NO SWAGS OR PERSONAL BAGS WILL BE CARRIED - attending 4WD's carry what you wish - PACK LIGHT.

  2. Full Mechanical & recovery support with limited spare parts will be provided by the tour manager.

  3. Fuel – Fuel will be provided by Frontline Safari from Mount Dare whilst crossing the Simpson Desert, all other fuel stops will be at cost to the entrant.

  4. Meals - Fully catered with exceptional meals, beverages, and limited alcohol during set periods (Simpson Desert camps only). You will be required to purchase your own evening meals (dinner) on the 25th (Sunday), 26th, 27th, and 30th of May (Marree, Oodnadatta, Mount Dare and Birdsville) at your own cost. Frontline Safari will provide 3 square meals a day during the desert crossing (28th and 29th May 2025). Breakfast and Lunch will be provided throughout the event. (The Morning of the 26th breakfast will not be provided by Frontline Safari)

What attending riders need to supply?

Above all else, you will need to bring a good ‘can-do’ attitude and a willingness to roll with the punches. Adventure riding is exactly that “adventure”. This is a charity event operating under some pretty adverse & challenging conditions for all. You should ask for help if you need it and be prepared to give help when asked. You should be open and willing to take direction from event organisers, you should also proactively prepare yourself and your equipment well before the event. Be prepared for harsh desert sand riding.

The only accommodation paid for and provided to you by the event tour organisers will be in the form of paid/free camp sites during the tour event. Shower and toilet facilities will be provided throughout the event if you wish to camp during the event. Campers will have access to shower and toilet facilities. If you wish to book accommodation in Marree, Oodnadatta, Mount Dare or Birdsville please do so well in advance as rooms in these towns book out quickly. Dates for arrival in each location are as follows (For hotel and scenic flight bookings, please mention Frontline Safari when booking)

  • Marree – You must arrive for sign on by late afternoon on the 25th May 2025 – We depart on the morning of the 26th May 2025

  • Oodnadatta – Arrive late afternoon on the 26th May 2025

  • Mount Dare – Arrive early evening on the 27th May 2025

  • Simpson Desert crossing & Camps - 28th and 29th May 2025 - Full day 30th May 2025 - Birdsville

  • Birdsville - Arrive late afternoon/early evening on the 30th May 2025

  • Marree - Arrive late afternoon on the 31st May 2025 

Please plan well ahead for a late afternoon/early evening arrival back in Marree on the 31st May 2025. Due to our insurance, Their is no avenue for you to leave earlier (prior to Birdsville). If you cannot accept and plan for a late arrival back into Marree on the 31st May, this will not be event for you.

Fuel – Riders will need to pay for and ensure their bikes are refuelled during the event except when crossing the Simpson Desert. Fuel range required. >300km’s. Roughly 20/25ltr’s of fuel carried for most 400’s/450’s/500’s/700’s.

Your bike and spares!

The following must be carried/supplied by attendees;

  • 2x Spare tubes and small puncture repair kit.

  • Tyre repair kit for tubeless/mousse type tyres.

  • Tyre levers, small tool roll with very basic tools (what you carry will be up to you)

  • 5 Liter water carrying capacity (we normally carry 1x 2L camel back bladder and 1x 3L bladder together in our backpacks). Each rider will need to carry a minimum of 5 liters of water each day.

  • Very basic first aid kit.

  • KTM Group branded bikes (KTM,Gas Gas, Husky) should bring and carry a spare fuel pump and filter due to poor fuel quality in region. (we often lose one or two bikes to fuel pump failure each year) 

  • GPS - (not required), however a GPX file will be provided a week prior to tour event start if you wish to use your GPS.

  • PLB's and emergency location devices/Sat Phones. Not required. You can carry if you wish.

All bikes and equipment will be scrutineered the day prior to the event tour start. Poorly serviced and unserviceable bikes will be turned away. 

Your car and spares (minimum)!

The following must be carried/supplied by Four Wheel Drive attendees;

  • 1x Spare tyre and small puncture repair kit.

  • Basic camping equipment and cold weather sleeping equipment (Mosquito nets a must), camp chairs, eating utensils. 

  • Serviceable vehicle Jack, small tool roll with very basic tools (what you carry will be up to you)

  • 20 Liter water carrying capacity. 40 Liters if carrying 2> people.

  • Basic first aid kit.

  • Spare fuel (enough to cover 1000km's -total without refuel - includes vehicle tank), air filter advisable, snorkel filter sock, 

  • GPS - capable of operating offline (without phone coverage - Download required maps prior)

  • PLB's and emergency location devices/Sat Phones. Not required. You can carry if you wish.

  • At least one spare wheel bearing kit - highly advisable.

  • Serviceable vehicle fire extinguisher.

  • Night lighting for camping (torch, lantern)

  • Vehicle recovery gear - MaxTrax (large), snatch strap/soft/hard shackles x2, rated recovery point installed (minimum one). These are the minimum items required within your vehicle recovery kit.

  • Jumper leads.

  • Four Wheel drive attendees will not receive a branded event bag as part of their entry, The driver will receive an event t-shirt and driver goodies pack as part of the entry. Subsequent shirts can be purchased for each passenger at a cost of $15. Branded (rider) 30L bags can be purchased for $25 at the start of the event.

Camping Gear (bikes):

Only bring and pack what you can fit into your provided (30ltr) kit bag and your saddle bags/personal backpack (If utilised/carried) on your bike. Remember, you do not need to carry your own belongings on your bike, only if you wish to test yourself and try to do so should you carry everything on your bike. All your personal belongings will be carried in our support vehicles. Your personal belongings will be backed into your 30L bag. No swags or private bags will be carried. Only your provided 30L Frontline Safari bag and your pannier bags if you chose to remove those later during the event will be carried in the support vehicles.

Note; Your sleeping bag, tent and roll mat do not need to fit into your 30L bag.

pack, on & off-bike clothing. A small amount! Only what you can fit into your 30L provided bag will go into the support vehicles.


NOTE:It is the event attendee’s responsibility to organise accommodation, fuel, food, water prior to and after the event. On the morning of (event start) all attendees MUST arrive with fully fuelled bikes-Fuel will be provided only whilst crossing the Simpson Desert (After Mount Dare).

Paid camp sites will be provided to each attendee. The tour manager will provide shower and toilet facilities at each location. 

If you wish to book rooms and accommodation at each stop (outside of the Simpson Desert) you will need to do so at your own cost.

Bike type, bike and rider set up:

Attendees will arrive with fully serviceable Enduro/Light Adventure type bikes with the following, a serviced motor, new wheel bearings installed, new air filter, new chain and sprockets with relatively new tyres, one spare tube for each tyre (spare tubes will be made available during the event at cost).

An enduro bike/light adventure bike with a minimum range capacity of 300km’s (long range tanks and bladders a MUST)

A water carrying capacity (minimum) of 5 litres to be carried on your person each day and checked each morning by event staff. If you cannot carry 5 litres of water, you will not be allowed to ride.

All Enduro, register-able off-road and LIGHT adventure bike types are welcome. 2 strokes are welcome but not desirable as we have large, long road sections (2 strokes enter at your own risk), NO Rec Registered bikes. Bikes and riders will need to have the ability to cover 300km’s per day without refuel.  The event organisers will run a thorough bike and rider scrutineering session one day prior to event start, riders which choose to attend without the correct bike/rider set up outlined within the joining instruction will be turned away (denied attendance) without refund. All riders MUST have a fully serviceable, state registered and insured ADR compliant motorcycle. All bikes must be road worthy during the event and all helmets must be undamaged and ADR compliant. Riders must be licensed to ride their specific motorcycle type. Riders must carry their state specific license on their person at all times during the tour event. All bikes must be serviced prior to the ride and carry a small tool bag and spares kit during the event. The event organisers will not provide specific information regarding what types of parts and bike specific spares we recommend you (the attendees) should bring. Bikes will have tyres, chains, wheel bearings and sprockets checked for serviceability during scrutineering, unserviceability’s will be turned away (No exceptions).

Medically fit and capable of riding: This will be a tough ride. Do not underestimate the challenge of crossing 1100 Outback dunes in unpredictable weather. Riders will need to consider the following when considering signing up to cross the Simpson Desert with Frontline Safari.

You must be medically fit to ride. We will have limited medical support from some of Australia’s supremely experienced field medics, but we will be a long way from any major hospital/medical facility. If you suffer from an underlying medical condition that may limit your ability to participate in the ride, we suggest you give it a miss. 

Sand riding experience. You need to have sand riding experience prior to attending the Frontline Safari. Sand riding is hard and challenging and requires a certain skillset. 

Note: It is a legal requirement that all prospective riders provide details of all possible medical conditions to the event manager prior to signing up for the 2024 event. The ride first aider and event manager will determine whether you are medically fit to attend the event prior to accepting your payment. The Ride/event organisers take no responsibility for attendees that choose to ride with hidden underlying/known medical conditions without the event organisers knowledge. If you have any type of heart condition, serious respiratory condition, or epilepsy you will not be permitted to attend this event-This includes support personnel/attending family members.

We request that you have full ambulance cover prior to starting the event. Ambulance cover must cover ambulance and aeromedical recovery in South Australia and Queensland. A remote ambulance recovery can be very costly to you. The tour organisers do not take responsibility for your accident ambulance cover and vehicle insurance cover. We are riding on gazetted roads. It is the attendees responsibility to organise the appropriate on road motorcycle insurance prior to the start of the tour. All other tour event and business insurance is covered by the event organisers and in place.

Attending riders and drivers will need to organise and pay for an SA Simpson Deserts Parks Pass prior to attendance. The SA Simpson Desert parks pass can be purchased online here. The current cost for a Simpson Desert park pass (12 month) is $182

Online Desert Parks pass bookings require four/six week's notice before passes arrive in the mail. Parks Passes can also be purchased at the Mount Dare roadhouse prior to crossing the Simpson Desert. Riders and drivers are strongly encouraged to pre-purchase parks passes prior to attending. The event tour organisers will not police parks passes, nor will we take responsibility for attendees caught without the SA Simpson Deserts Parks Pass YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

If you wish to sign up and attend, please plan well ahead of the event. If you are planning on booking hotel rooms/caravan sites, you should be planning to book them well in advance. Most accommodation is booked out within the region, 12 months prior.

Event useful information and links can be found on our "regional information page" 

The Frontline Safari provides tour attendees access to a closed Facebook group where attendees can post and discuss all things Frontline Safari, fundraising campaigns, carpooling to and from the event and ask tour event organisers questions. 

Please read the Terms and conditions page (T's & C's) prior to signing up.