Rescheduled 2021 Entries! – 2022 Event

Expression of Interest

Expression of Interest

The following is NOT a legal waiver associated with registration, but we ask you to acknowledge the following as part of your Expression Of Interest (EOI) to participate in the event: Frontline Safari 2022. A further waiver will be required as part of registration and upon offering of a spot on the ride.

Our Frontline Safari 2022 Ride will be 6 days of long and tiring riding starting and finishing in Birdsville, with Simpson Desert locations day & night (camping). The ride will be hard on riders, on on staff and on bikes. Frontline Safari will do everything in it’s power to manage risks associated with the ride and to ensure adequate rest periods are interspersed on the itinerary. By submitting this expression of interest, you are accepting that you have considered at least the following:

  1. Time away from work and family. You will need a period to get to and from the start and finish location in Birdsville. The planned ride duration will be 6 days, so you should therefore be planning on a minimum of 10 days and nights away from family and work commitments.
  2. Expense. Over and above the ride registration fee and its inclusions (see FAQ’s ) ancillary expenses e.g fuel, meals and accommodation before and after the event will be met by individual riders. By submitting this EOI, you agree that you have given due consideration to this and have budgeted for costs based on your own consumption estimates and accommodation preferences. We note that attendance at Community Events along the way, many of which may have meals provided at additional expense, are compulsory.
  3. Fitness. By submitting this EOI, you acknowledge and agree that 6 days in the saddle is tiring for the rider and that your personal fitness regime will be addressed to ensure that you are fit to ride long days at a time. Similarly, your chosen motorcycle will be well maintained and in roadworthy condition prior to commencement of the ride on 16th May 2022. You are solely responsible for ensuring your bike is up to the trip and for arranging any required service and/or spares along the way.
  4. Motorcycle Choice & Rider Skills: The planned route through the Simpson Desert requires long days in hot conditions riding on all sorts of terrain; and predominantly, but not exclusively fine, powdery desert sand. By submitting the EOI , you acknowledge that you have made an informed decision based on your skills and motorcycle choice operating under these conditions. The remoteness of the location requires that you recognise that a poor decision in this regard may have adverse outcomes in remote desert locations and while Frontline Safari will endeavor to assist you, this is ultimately, a solo challenge event. You Vs the the Simpson Desert.
  5. Support vehicles: We are no longer taking applications for vehicle support. By submitting this EOI, you acknowledge and agree that the Support Crew’s obligation will be to get a stranded bike and/or rider to the next major township / event stopover to seek repairs and no more. Specifically, the Crew cannot carry luggage or passengers etc on behalf of riders as they need space in case of accidents or emergencies. The Crew’s role is to ensure the stranded bike and rider is safe and secure in the nearest suitable location, and then get back to the main ride group to continue providing support. If the bike cannot be repaired quickly, the rider’s ride is over. This is non-negotiable.
  6. Payment.
    • By submitting this EOI, you acknowledge that you will not automatically be allocated a spot on the ride. Riders are strictly capped at 40 for logistical and desert permits reasons.
    • You agree that upon any offer of a position on the ride, you will pay the registration fee in its entirety and secure your spot within 7 days of such offer. If you cannot take up that position on the ride, Frontline Safari reserve the right to offer that spot to another rider, but will not do so without direct discussion with you first. Therefore please ensure that your contact information submitted with this EOI is accurate and up to date.
    • Lastly, you agree that any subsequent registration fees paid by you will be subject to a refunds policy (to be advised at time of offer via email) that may see you forfeit all or a part of that registration fee if you subsequently withdraw from the event for any reason, prior to the event taking place.
    • COVID-19 border restrictions and the event! We are required to follow all state government (QLD/SA/NT) health advice and local public health orders. All entrants and support staff will require vaccination for COVID-19 prior to event start in accordance with the current Queensland Government, South Australian Government and Norther Territory Government border crossing requirements and remote aboriginal community travel and associated health requirements within those communities.
    • Taking into account the current COVID19 pandemic, you understand you may lose a large portion, possibly all of your registration fee if due to unforeseen border closures/stay at home orders outside of our control we have to cancel/postpone our event. You understand that you may lose a portion, possibly all of your registration fee if you are unable to attend due to localised/state imposed border closures outside of our control precluding you from attending our event. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.