Scott Britnell

Scott is a quiet and reserved individual who thrives on challenge, adversity and being self reliant. He has ridden and raced motorcycles his whole life. At age 15 Scott won his 1st Open Class enduro outright with no license and a borrowed registration plate

At age 17, Scott joined the Australian Army and went on to be selected into Special Forces. His career made it hard to find time to compete often and and he spent a lot of time on operational deployments longing to ride and race bikes across wide open terrain.

After a career chaninge in 2013, Scott struggled to cope with the lesser challenges of a ‘normal’ life.  Searching for new ways to test his physical and mental boundaries, he turned to his first passion of riding and set himself some big goals:

In 2014 he broke the record for a solo unsupported crossing of the Australian Continent. His result was 5,400km in 72 hours. At same time he was first to turn and complete a double crossing 11,300km in 7.25 days.

In 2015 Scott was the first ever to complete entire length of famous Canning Stock Route (1620km) solo, unsupported and without break in 47.5hours. Scott thrives on planning, preparing  and executing these exploits in isolation, including preparation of his own bikes.

In 2105, Scott was fortunate enough to be part of an unsupported three-man crew who traveled and filmed an expedition through Kazakhstan, Russian Siberia and Mongolia. The movie length documentary was called Motonomad 2.

With a new goal of competing in the Dakar Rally, in 2016 Scott built a bike and went off to the Middle East to compete in the Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge & The Qatar Sealines Rally.

In 2018, Scott took on his goal of competing in the 40th edition of the Dakar rally. Scott was successful in finishing the Dakar in the toughest class of them all, the Malle Moto class, where he not only raced each day, but then had to complete all his own servicing, maintenance and self preservation. All on minimal sleep and often without time to eat a daily regular meal.

Scott believes his strengths are: Guts, Resilience, Initiative, Tenacity and Self Reliance.


Team Information

 Event Director
 Age number: 44